Friday, December 1, 2017

Peace is treason in the War Empire

In the US, threatening war (Nikki Haley and Senators Graham and McCain) is praiseworthy but trying to make nice with the Russkies is criminal.  Certainly VFP has no love for Flynn but the contradiction between how he is being treated versus even worse war criminals is striking.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

We the People?

Do you go to bed at night fearful of Iran or North Korea attacking you?  Do you sleep more soundly knowing how unstable Iraq and Libya are now that the US made them safe for democracy?  Who is in charge of US foreign policy?  Is it the American people?  If so, and if you really want to make the Middle East safe for democracy, please join the military personally and increase taxes to pay for the meddling, but you may want to think about the consequences and whether you are really making America safer, more free, and more prosperous.  Who benefits from our meddling?

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

VFP supports anthem protesters

Service member Russell Silver makes a great point:  How many of us signed up to force people to stand up for the anthem?

VFP national supports this:

How many people have to say the anthem before starting work?  Isn't booing the quiet protesters more disrespectful to the anthem than those quiet players being booed?

Finally, a great list of ways to create unity, through peace.

Friday, August 25, 2017

North Korea hates us for our freedoms?

Right.  Or do they hate us for being belligerent toward them?  And no, VFP does not support the North Korean dictator.  If the US pulled its troops out of the South, something tells me the place of the "Forgotten War" will become the "Forgotten Country".

Monday, July 31, 2017

Who is MAD(der)?

Former Senator Dan Coats, RINO-Northrop Grumman, made sense for the first time.  Maybe pretending like he is not a lobbyist or carpetbagging has cleared his mind, or maybe being the intel chief gives you a little bit of intelligence.  Anyway, he confirmed what most logical people knew:  when you are being picked on by a bully, you can either run or build up your own strength.  Since a physical place like North Korea can't run down the block to Mars, it needs bigger weapons.  Unfortunately, the carpetbagger thinks that preemptive carpet bombing is the answer.  Maybe a better answer is for the United States to consider the rest of the world a DMZ and not threaten every tinpot dictator out there--eventually you run out of tinpots and into Putins.  Which is MAD, rather than just sad.