Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Reason for optimism in the long-term?

Not endorsing any of the specific points, but generally this is worth considering. At this point, the reality is Trump is the president and it is better for peace seeking humans to see the potential positives instead of being consumed by the potential negatives.  Negativism itself is war on yourself and does not help us in this War for Peace.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Is US militarism to blame for climate change?

The US military is one of the largest users of fossil fuels and energy in the world.

Reducing the size of the US military should be able to unite Americans across the political spectrum:  conservatives who want less government spending and conservationists fighting global warming.

Or is this hope of unity a lot of hot air?

Is US militarism to blame for terrorist attacks?

Professor Robert Pape believes terrorist activity is a reaction to military intervention.  If the US and the west stopped invading other countries those invaders might not then be the targets of terrorism.  If we control what we can control by stopping the bombing, we might also be able to control the seemingly uncontrollable:  terrorism.  It's at least worth a try since the current option tried hasn't worked.

Is US militarism to blame for the European refugee crisis?

Our ally Germany seems to think so.

Yo, yo Ma!

Does invading other countries hollow out your own Heartland?

Friday, January 20, 2017

Does bombing other countries Trump America First?

We can only hope that the new president continues the positive recent action of his predecessor of commuting Chelsea Manning's sentence by commuting America's wars around the world.