Monday, February 27, 2017

Means or Ends?

This father is only criticizing the means--drones, bombs, or "boots on ground".  Why not criticize the ends as well?  Should the US be involved in any way militarily in Yemen?  If American lives are not worth risking, should the lives of Yemenis also not be put in the crosshairs, whether of an M-4, F-16, or Predator Drone?  May his son RIP and the US learn that the policy is also flawed, not just the process.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Department of Offense?

Very little defending was done by us vets.  It couldn't even defend its own Pentagram HQ on 9/11.  If not DOO (doo), at least be honest and go back to the original name, Department of War.  DOW is who they prop up anyway, the banksters and contractors sucking at the teat with a record DOW Jones average.  War is a Racket, as Smedley Butler told us.

Down the Memory Hole?

Yet another book curiously not available at the local library.  Don't worry, we fellow Veterans for Peace will never forget.


Or do they think you just can't handle the truth?  Or is it being withheld from you for more sinister reasons?

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Politics over Principles?

Or is the Democratic Party on the same team as the Republican one, and truly at its core the Unified Warmonger Party?  Its treatment of Congresswoman and fellow vet Tulsi Gabbard indicates ...

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

America's National(ist) Religion?

War?  Certainly not Peace, though Jesus is often referred to as its Prince.
On our reading list, by a fellow Hoosier.

Unfortunately, not at my local library, but celebrations of that religion are more than readily available, even for the children!

I'll have to rely on this in the meantime:

Spy vs. Spy?

Is this Battle of Flynn really just the opening salvo of a war between military intelligence "realists" vs. civilian intelligence neo-cons?  Either way, VFP supports peace with all, including Russia.  Scoring political scalps by risking a new and unnecessary Cold War benefits no one but the Military-Industrial Complex.  Why do Republicans claim to hate socialism yet support the most socialistic endeavor, a huge standing army?  Why do Democrats properly speak-ill of fascism yet acquiesce to its most pernicious aspect, a hyperactive military?

Update:  From the left, to bolster Mr. Raimondo's view from the right, and to demonstrate national security overreach is where true leftists and rightists should have common ground.  The muddled middle is the problem, whether Clinton or Bush.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Is US exceptional?

In light of Trump's recent response regarding Putin, the US may only be exceptional in trying to use an unwarranted moral high ground to perform immoral acts.  The US is also exceptional in its military bases around the world, its military budget, and the number of invasions performed by its military.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Are all Vets Heroes?

Or does throwing that term around too casually serve a different purpose, besides undermining those truly heroic who served in the ranks?

Is your local library wittingly or unwittingly contributing to the potential problem by carrying books like these?$002f$002fSD_ILS$002f0$002fSD_ILS:464189/ada?qu=Hero&qf=ITEMCAT2%09Audience%091%3AJUVENILE%09Juvenile

Is there a children's book that could reinforce the message in this book, which explores the value of progagandizing children to accomplish the war goals of the state?  The War for Peace starts young and locally.

Pottery Barn Rule ...

should be in effect.  You break it, you buy it.  The best course for everyone in the long-term is to have the US government stop breaking things.  Instead, everyone will get misty-eyed Sunday night when Old Glory covers the football field of battle and a Pentagram-supplied winged machine of death roars overhead fittingly drowning out the sheeple yelling "Land of the Free!"