Monday, July 10, 2017

Worse, they don't even want to gain the knowledge

I quit the Carmel Parade halfway through, partly because one of my children was done but also because there was too much love for militarism.  However, a Vietnam vet marching approached and thanked us for marching.  I said the people have good intent in cheering for the military but no knowledge what they are actually cheering.  His response:  It's even worse, they have no desire for the knowledge.

Times don't change.  A President Johnson staffer wrote to him in response to a December 1965 Harris Poll showing ten-to-one view against Vietnam withdrawal:  "I have a vague feeling that this support may be more superficial than it is deep and committed (many people probably do not even understand what it is that they are supporting)."  From "Enduring Vietnam" by James Wright.

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